How to Discover the Theme and All the Plugins any WordPress site is Using

How to Discover the Theme and All the Plugins any WordPress site is Using

Have you ever wondered what theme and plugins a WordPress site is using and also feel the urge to uncover the mystery? If so, you are in the right place to get the required information to meet your needs. In this thread, I’m going to share a piece of my latest discovery with you.

However, I don’t want to bore you with a flimsy kinda piece of story. This free tool I’m going to share with you allows you to find out all the details about any WordPress site as regards it themes and plugins!

So I go straight to the point. To uncover the Theme and all the Plugins any WordPress site uses, just visit from your web browser.

In the text field placed immediately after the site’s description, enter your desired URL (the WordPress site you want to uncover its theme and plugins) and click investigate.

In less than a few seconds you will be given a comprehensive details of the website as regards its theme, plugins and other relevant information such as the site’s screenshots so you can have a good look at the features of the uncovered theme before making your choice.

However, WP detective does more than give a detailed information about any WordPress site. It also gathers and lists top and most popular wordpress themes and plugins with download links. It also provides pieces of useful information about the productivity of those plugins.

So when next you have a crush on a particular website because of its design and appearance, do well to consult WP detective for a detailed information about the site.

The screenshot below is of a WordPress site detected by WP detective.

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Domain Authority Checker

List Of Free Domain Authority Checker
Domain Authority(DA) is a site metrics developed by moz for checking how high a website will rank on search engines. Domain Authority is between 1 to 100 and the higher the number, the higher the search engine rank and vice versa.

In this post, i will list 10 best websites for checking your websites domain authority. Most of the domain authority checker support checking of bulk urls. Below is the list;

  1. Moz Open Site Explorer
  2. Robin Gupta Bulk Domain Authority Checker
  3. Bulk Domain Authority Checker By Seoweather
  4. Domain Authority Checker By
  5. Domain Authority Checker By Overthetopseo
  6. Prepostseo Domain Authority Checker
  7. Domain Authority Checker By Moonsy
  8. Bulk Domain Authority Checker
  9. Bulk Domain Authority Checker By Bulkseotools

Google Removes All al-Awlaki’s Videos On Youtube

Up until his death at the hands of US forces in 2011, Anwar al-Awlaki was a major voice for Islamic extremists, advocating for war and attacks against the US, and helped to inspire numerous terrorist attacks around the world. YouTube recently took the unusual step of removing tens of thousands of videos of the cleric, according to a report in The New York Times.

Google removed hundreds of al-Awalaki’s videos in 2010 which directly advocated violence, following the conviction of Roshonara Choudhry, a radicalized follower who stabbed British MP Stephen Timms earlier that year. At the time, a YouTube spokesperson cited the site’s guidelines against inciting violence. But al-Awalaki posted tens of thousands of other videos, and in subsequent years, was cited as an influence in other notable terrorist attacks at Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, and Orlando, Florida.

al-Awalaki’s vast archive of other videos, such as his lectures on the history of Islam, have been removed, according to the Times, due to pressure from governments and advocates. Using a “hash function” to fingerprint individual videos that flags and puts them before a team of human reviewers, YouTube can prevent the same videos from being uploaded over and over again. The Times notes that where 70,000 videos associated with al-Awalaki were accessible on the site earlier this fall, only 18,600 remain, most of which are news reports about him and his life. The officials told the Times that while their rules prohibit videos that incite terrorism, removing all of al Awlaki’s videos is a special case.

YouTube and other social media sites have been under increased pressure in recent months from governments to take steps to limit videos that advocate violence and other extremist activity. This summer, YouTube listed four steps to better achieve that goal, which included expanding its pool of flaggers, better use of automated tools, take a harder look at videos that skirt the line, and work with counter-radicalization groups. It’s also begun displaying content that debunks extremism during searches for potentially harmful videos.

YouTube’s latest move has been hailed by counter-extremism groups, who say that despite al-Awalaki’s death, he’s remained an influential recruited for groups such as ISIS. While his videos will be harder to find on the site, the Times reports that his videos can be found on other video sharing sites, such as DailyMotion, the Internet Archive, and Facebook.


6 Trends In Digital Marketing To Watch Out For In 2018

6 Trends In Digital Marketing To Watch Out For In 2018

Since 2017 is concluding, employers are busy planning Their electronic advertising and marketing strategy for the brand new year coming up.

The next year will be critical to your electronic marketing Industry since the majority of the popular advertising approaches are going to be on their way outside and they will be replaced by several emerging technologies and platforms. It’s time to have a look at the industry trends which will be of great prominence in the not too distant future.

1. AI-Powered Content Production

Guess what? Content will still stay king in the decades to come. However, content creation and also how it’ll be received finally will remain in the hands of AI. Individual editors might need to review the job at different phases. AI has been dramatically involved in content production lately, for example, writing articles for sites, scheduling social networking posts, and creating content to see as per person interests.

In the coming year, nearly all of the entrepreneurs will Attempt to Leverage the power of AI to produce dynamic content.

Content production tools automatically assess the consumer’s Requirements and will compose a material based on primary keywords and phrases. The article will be free from plagiarism or any copying and certainly will improve the material quality exponentially.

2.Rise of Chat Bots in Digital Marketing

What began as a technological fascination is now one of those Greatest user interaction ports. Ever wondered who you may be talking about seeing a defect in a program or site?

Chatbots were utilized as a method for customer interaction Originally since they reduce the response time and socialize better with customers. This will aid the content advertising campaigns perform far better.

3.Voice Search And Digital Assistants

Voice search and electronic assistants can change the way we The most crucial reason behind the spike in voice hunt within the years is a result of the simple fact that people speak around 150 words per minute but may type only about 40. Google stats demonstrate that voice hunt questions have skyrocketed in the previous year and about 50 percent of all searches will be voice searches.

The Growth in voice searches can help to create a demand.

4. The Growth of Visual Search

The use and significance of visual will spike in the forthcoming years. In the same way, leading search engines have developed their type of optical technologies for quicker, more reliable search results.

Ephemeral articles (do not be alarmed! The tales option that we use on Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.) is the newest leader in channel advertising because it’s an opportunity for superior visibility and consumer engagement when compared to regular feeds. We could use this type of movie to market limited time offers.

Engine. Bing visual research is an improvement of Bing’s picture search which aids the user to pick a specific product displayed within a bigger picture.

An individual picture will appear. A visual research tool can allow you to pinpoint a specific part of this film. If you picked a plant, then the search engine will automatically reveal search results for your single plant.

Likewise, Google has developed Google Lens where is Turned into your guide. This readily improves a companies visibility in local search. So providing great graphics with relevant content will undoubtedly assist in improving website visibility.

The apparent search tendency will be on the increase with voice Search and indeed will be among the defining factors in ranking a website in the not too distant future.

5. RankBrain

Search questions. RankBrain is accountable for nearly all of the ranking procedure later on. RankBrain is evolving itself with every passing second. We are aware that conventional ranking methods are flooded the SERPs with spammy results for quite a long moment. However, now since AI comes into play, just content that’s valuable to the consumer will endure.

It has broader implications for keyword research and ranking. Since Google’s algorithms become more lively, different calculations will be utilized for every different search. This improves user experience, offers more power to high content, pushes consumer engagement and will improve traveling mapping for customers seeing E-commerce sites.

6. Big Data

Big Data identifies enormous volumes of information gathered Using predictive and behavior analytics.

How does Big Data assist entrepreneurs?

So we are in need of a mass search engine to process through all of this.

We can use the Huge information to strategically position ourselves to Be found easily through organic search. Substantial data will aid in enhancing Technical SEO a site, observing competitors, handling majority campaigns, And so forth. As an Increasing Number of content is printed, It’ll Be easier for the Analyze data instead of content. Entrepreneurs at the front of the competition.

How to See All Photos on Facebook Freebasics (Free mode)

How to View Photos on Facebook Freebasics Mode

It is no news that Airtel network and 9mobile has been collaborating with Facebook to provide their esteemed customers free access to Facebook without data subscription for a very long time now.

Thousands of Airtel and 9mobile customers have been enjoying this offer for quite a longer period of time now. Gone are the days when the situation was “No data, No Facebook!”

But as it is always the case with freebies (free stuffs), there is an apparent limitation to this offer. The limitation is that users of Facebook free mode cannot see photos other than their friends’ profile pictures.

However, many people believe that since they had on their own volition decided to provide their customers with this offer, they should not be any limitations attached. Well, if you are among this set of people, there is good news for you.

In this tutorial, I shall share the little secret I discovered that will help you view All photos on Facebook free mode on your Android phone. Please read on.

I advise you to use Facebook Lite version for this trick to work. That is what I used when I was testing this trick and it worked very well.
If you don’t have Facebook Lite on your device, go search for it on Google Play Store and download or you download direct from Facebook at the bottom of your profile where you see something like “Click here to install Facebook Lite version on your phone.”

I assume you have downloaded your Facebook Lite. Now, we move over to the tutorial proper.

Steps to Follow to View Photos on Facebook Free mode.

Note: Your SIM must be without data subscription or call credit.

  1. Switch on your data connection.
  2. Launch Facebook Lite app.
  3. Enter your Facebook login details and login.
  4. Surf Facebook for about 2 or 3 minutes.
  5. Exit Facebook Lite app and turn off your data connection.
  6. Go to your phone’s Settings
    How to See photos on facebook free mode
  7. Click Apps and search for Facebook Lite.
  8. Click Facebook Lite.
  9. Click Storage.

See other screenshots:

How to See photos on facebook free mode
10. Click Clear data and exit the Settings.
How to see photos on facebook free mode
11. Turn on your data connection.
12. Launch Facebook Lite again and enter your login details and wait for it to load.
13. If it fails to load, exit the App and launch it again and enter your details. Now, you should be successfully logged in on Data mode.
14. But if you are still logged in on Free mode, just tap “See photos” and you will be switched to Data mode automatically. Now you can view all photos without using data.

That is the good news on how to get the most out of Facebook free mode without data on your Airtel and 9mobile SIMs.

Please don’t hesitate to share this tutorial with your friends. They may find it helpful. Thanks!How to See photos on facebook free mode

About WordPress 4.9

Major Customizer Improvements, Code Error Checking, and More! 🎉

Welcome to an improved Customizer workflow with design drafts, locking, scheduling, and preview links. What’s more, code syntax highlighting and error checking will make for a clean and smooth site building experience. Finally, if all that wasn’t pretty great, we’ve got a great new Gallery widget and improvements to theme browsing and switching.

Customizer Workflow Improved

Draft and Schedule Site Design Customizations

Yes, you read that right. Just like you can draft and revise posts and schedule them to go live on the date and time you choose, you can now tinker with your site’s design and schedule those design changes to go live as you please.

Collaborate with Design Preview Links

Need to get some feedback on proposed site design changes? WordPress 4.9 gives you a preview link you can send to your team and customers so that you can collect and integrate feedback before you schedule the changes to go live. Can we say collaboration++?

Design Locking To Guard Your Changes

Ever encounter a scenario where two designers walk into a project and designer A overrides designer B’s beautiful changes? WordPress 4.9’s design lock feature (similar to post locking) secures your draft design so that no one can make changes to it or erase all your hard work.

A Prompt to Protect Your Work

Were you lured away from your desk before you saved your new draft design? Fear not, when you return, WordPress 4.9 will politely ask whether or not you’d like to save your unsaved changes.

Coding Enhancements

Syntax Highlighting and Error Checking? Yes, Please!

You’ve got a display problem but can’t quite figure out exactly what went wrong in the CSS you lovingly wrote. With syntax highlighting and error checking for CSS editing and the Custom HTML widget introduced in WordPress 4.8.1, you’ll pinpoint coding errors quickly. Practically guaranteed to help you scan code more easily and suss out and fix code errors quickly.

Sandbox for Safety

The dreaded white screen. You’ll avoid it when working on themes and plugin code because WordPress 4.9 will warn you about saving an error. You’ll sleep better at night.

Warning: Potential Danger Ahead!

When you edit themes and plugins directly, WordPress 4.9 will politely warn you that this is a dangerous practice. It will recommend that you backup your files before saving, so they don’t get overwritten by the next update. Take the safe route: your future self will thank you. Your team and customers will thank you.

Even More Widget Updates

The New Gallery Widget

An incremental improvement to the media changes hatched in WordPress 4.8, you can now add a gallery via widget. Yes!

Press a Button, Add Media

Want to add media to your text widget? Embed images, video, and audio directly into the widget along with your text, with our simple but useful Add Media button. Woo!

Site Building Improvements

More Reliable Theme Switching

When you switch themes, widgets sometimes think they can just up and move location. Improvements in WordPress 4.9 offer more persistent menu and widget placement when you decide it’s time for a new theme. Additionally, you can preview installed themes or download, install, and preview new themes right. Nothing says handy like being able to preview before you deploy.

Better Menu Instructions = Less Confusion

Were you confused by the steps to create a new menu? Perhaps no longer! We’ve ironed out the UX for a smoother menu creation process. Newly updated copy will guide you.

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