Yoruba(Yorùbá) Keyboard For Android

Typing in Yorùbá language on android phones and tablets can be frustrating, but today, I will give you list of awesome apps for typing in Yorùbá language on your Android devices, below are some of the applications that can do that.

  1. TouchPal. TouchPal is the best application for typing Yorùbá language, you can easily download a plugin right from the app to start typing in Yorùbá. You also have options to choose QWERTY or QWERTZ. You can simply input letters with accent by long tapping corresponding letters and  selecting your favourite letter. Example is  Yorùbá ọmọ òdùduwà. Ṣèyí lorúkọ mi. Àdìó ni oríkì mi.

  2. African Keyboard. African keyboard comprises characters in all African languages. You can just click corresponding character and select your favorite character, easy or not? African keyboard needs no plugin to  start working, no configuration. Here is an example of text written with African keyboard: Kí ló n sẹlẹ̀ ẹyin ènìyàn mi.  

  3. Multiling O Keyboard. Multiling O Keyboard is the first  keyboard I used for typing and it becomes on of the best keyboard out there for typing in Yorùbá language. It requires a plugin which must be installed separately on Google Play Store! 
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  5. SwiftKey. SwiftKey is an other awesome app for typing in Yorùbá language, the awesome feature that exists not in other keyboards is that, SwiftKey President word in Yorùbá with full accent. Cool or not? Here is an example of text written with SwiftKey: Jósẹ́fù Ṣeyí ọmọ Táíwò ni orúkọ mi. 

    Now í know you can easily type in Yorùbá language, isn’t it? If not, you can drop your comments about difficulties you’re facing. I’m here to help. 

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