How To Run Command Line on Android Devices 

In this post, you will learn how to run command line on Android devices easily without rooting your devices.

The post comprises 

  1. app for running command line,
  2. how to install and installation link and
  3. examples of command lines.

What are the requirements for running command line on Android devices?

  • Android 2 higher, 
  • WiFi or mobile data, 
  • Google Play Store app,  and
  • A little space on device memory

What app do I need for running command line on Android devices?

Running command line on Android devices is made easy with an app called Termux. Termux lets you run command line on Android phone without root which makes it available for everyone. 

To download, Termux, kindly head up to Google play Store and search for Termux. Select first result and click on INSTALL. Permissions may pop up, accept and wait for some seconds for it to download and install. 
Did I just say ‘seconds’? Yes, I’m not mistaken, Termux takes seconds to download and install, not up to a minute. Dam freaking fast! 

Open the app and wait for it to install necessary files. Once it installed successfully,  you can now run command line on your Android device. So what next?

How do I run command line?

Here are few examples of command lines you can run on Termux;

  1. Installing Packages
  2. To install a package, kindly type pkg install <package name> or apt install <package name>
    Note that <package name> stands for package name for example pkg install git. This command installs git package on your device. You can try it out yourself.

  3. View all packages
  4. To view all packages in Termux, type the following command and hit enter apt list, list of all packages will appear. You can try it yourself.

  5. Let’s play with an package on Termux
  6. Firstly install figlet by running this command apt install figlet. After successful installation, run this command figlet your name. Note that your name can be any text of your choice, hit enter and see what you type display in stylish format.

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Above-mentioned are just a few of all you can do with Termux, you can run apps that are not listed on Termux packages and I’ll update you with a short tutorial very soon. So stay updated, you can subscribe for our free newsletter below, your comments are welcomed and if you found this post helpful, kindly share with friends, it shows that you care.


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