How To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Blog Using Quora

Everyone wants huge visitors on his/her website, right? It might be because of one reason or the other and one secret is that, quora can drive you huge traffic without ease. I assume you all know what quora is meant for, isn’t it? Questions and answers website just like stackoverflow, Yahoo answers and so on […] Read More

Android N Multitasking Shows That We May be Closer to an Android Desktop

After looking at the many features of Android Nougat 7.0, one particular feature caught my eye: The Multitasking ability. This was predicted last year according to this previous article. I believe with this feature, mobile phones and tablets are ready to replace all other gadgets and this is a big threat to desktop computers. It’s not a new feature […] Read More

New Android Malware Found in Over a Thousand Apps on Google Play Store.

Lookout researchers have identified over a thousand spyware apps related to a threat actor likely based in Iraq. Belonging to the family “SonicSpy,” these samples have been aggressively deployed since February 2017, with several making their way onto the Google Play Store. Google removed at least one of the apps after Lookout alerted the company. […] Read More