How to Discover the Theme and All the Plugins any WordPress site is Using

How to Discover the Theme and All the Plugins any WordPress site is Using

Have you ever wondered what theme and plugins a WordPress site is using and also feel the urge to uncover the mystery? If so, you are in the right place to get the required information to meet your needs. In this thread, I’m going to share a piece of my latest discovery with you.

However, I don’t want to bore you with a flimsy kinda piece of story. This free tool I’m going to share with you allows you to find out all the details about any WordPress site as regards it themes and plugins!

So I go straight to the point. To uncover the Theme and all the Plugins any WordPress site uses, just visit from your web browser.

In the text field placed immediately after the site’s description, enter your desired URL (the WordPress site you want to uncover its theme and plugins) and click investigate.

In less than a few seconds you will be given a comprehensive details of the website as regards its theme, plugins and other relevant information such as the site’s screenshots so you can have a good look at the features of the uncovered theme before making your choice.

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However, WP detective does more than give a detailed information about any WordPress site. It also gathers and lists top and most popular wordpress themes and plugins with download links. It also provides pieces of useful information about the productivity of those plugins.

So when next you have a crush on a particular website because of its design and appearance, do well to consult WP detective for a detailed information about the site.

The screenshot below is of a WordPress site detected by WP detective.

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