PayPal now Let You Send and Receive in Nigeria

It has been topping the news among Nigerian Internet Marketers and Bloggers that PayPal had finally allowed Nigerians to be receiving funds into their account. But how true is this? The fact is that, you can receive funds with Nigerian PayPal account but you need to employ some method in order to receive funds in your account. 

Prior to writing this post, I personally had tried creating an account on PayPal with Nigeria being my country to confirm if this news is true. The result, I saw received payments tab in transaction history as seen in the picture above. While others had tried making payments and it doesn’t work out. Payment of $0.01 was made by a friend to the account I created but the transaction was not successful. 

We later learnt that payment form needs to be embedded on receivers site before you can be able to receive funds into your account. This clearly shows that PayPal has not completely lifted the ban on Nigeria. 

Still doubting, just head up to to create an account. Don’t forget to embed PayPal script on your site and sending and receiving features are for only Business accounts.

I know that this will help Internet Marketers, Bloggers and Webmasters a lot in making swift fund transactions online with international marchants. What’s your take on this, kindly drop a comment and don’t forget to let others know by sharing this post.

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