Top 10 Best Cheap Web Hosting in 2021

Every organization-either privately owned or owned by the state needs a professionally designed website in other to showcase its uniqueness and that brings the relevance of a web host into the limelight and obviously want a cheap web hosting that is reliable.

Every business needs a website as it helps boost brand presence in the online space and helps to stand out amongst competitors.

A website reveals tangible information about a business, what they offer and their aims and objectives, open and closing hours, contact information, location of the business, etc.

A website does not necessarily have to be made for the sole purpose of buying and selling a product or service as an individual or a government-owned organization may decide to start a news website, entertainment website, gaming website, brand development website, etc.

Looking at web hosting, the cost of a web hosting service is very crucial when selecting one as most web hosting prices are not pocket-friendly.

You will be surprised to find out about the best pocket-friendly hosting service which will, in turn, serve as a great value for money by making every penny count.

What is a web host and what are its uses?

A web host service is a service with multiple servers which allows you as a website owner to save and publish files that makes your website as a whole.

A web hosting service helps in projecting your website to the general public in the online space.

Large organizations around the world pay thousands of dollars yearly for a monthly hosting service.

The motive of this article is to show you an excellent web hosting service that will help you get your website online for a relatively low cost.

But how cheap can a web hosting service get?

Registering for web hosting does not have to cost you a fortune as I am going to highlight the best affordable web hosting service for you.

Do you know that you can get the best, affordable hosting service that suits your taste for less than $1.99 per month and $12.99 per year?

Now pay attention!

Kickstarting your website or blog does not have to be expensive nor difficult as we are going to be looking at the best affordable web hosting service with the best of the best features that suit your taste.

Web host services are usually on a monthly or yearly basis with no discounts and the objective of this article is to oversee the type of hosting service that charges less than $1.99 per month.

What Should I Expect With These Cheap Web Hosting Services?

A lot of people believe that most cheap services tend to in turn offer a lesser value for money. However, these cheap and affordable web hostings are guaranteed to meet your demands except for a few limitations.

These limitations may include the inability to get your own personal VPS hosting as you’ll rather get a shared plan, the inability to get unlimited storage and bandwidth space, limited access to email accounts, etc.

What does it mean when your web hosting is shared? It simply means that the hosting company will run more than one website or blog on a single server.

But not to worry as this does not make your website vulnerable to any form of malware attack or neither can anyone view your private file even if it’s a shared hosting plan.

The sole idea behind getting a cheap web hosting service is when multiple sites are run on a particular server to minimize cost.

The only disadvantage of this cheap web hosting service is that they might from time to time slow the speed performance of your website as multiple sites are been run on a particular server.

You can trust cheap web hosting services as they can do little or no harm to your website or blog.

The purpose of this article is to review the best cheap and affordable websites, their pros and cons. So you get detailed information about any hosting service you decide to choose.

As many hosting services might be tricky with their offers as some usually offer a low starting price and later increase the price of their service after the first month.

While some hosting services tend to give better value for the development of your website once they notice your level of commitment to their service.

It is also important to understand that cheap web hosting service tends to offer diverse service from each other as some web hosting service might offer unlimited data storage, and their limit also tends to differ.

Top Ten Cheap And Affordable Web Host Service

1. Hostinger hosting service:

The interesting thing about Hostinger is that they offer new customers the cheapest price. That is as a new member you get to purchase your first hosting plan for $0.99 per month.

Now in other to be a part of this amazing offer you have to subscribe to nothing less than a four (4) years plan and you have to pay for that four years plan in a single day.

That been said they offer the best cheap service if you are considering choosing them for a long period.

Hostinger is one of the best affordable hosting services that care about the launching of your website.

Features of Hostinger Hosting Service:

  1. Hostinger allows you to link one website on their server.
  2. They give access to one email account
  3. They provide adequate security for your website. That is your site will have the ‘HTTPS encryption.
  4. Website speed is usually fast.
  5. They keep improving on their overall services day in, day out.
  6. They also offer a 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not in any way satisfied with their service.
Extra features;

Although the following features are not part of the hosting service as you will have to pay for them separately. You might be interested in one or two things

  • They offer cheap domain names service for $11 per year.
  • They offer daily backup of your website data which cost $11 per year.
  • Their CDN service costs $10/year.

2. HostGator cheap hosting service:

HostGator is a hosting company that got famous for its cheap web hosting services.

Their hosting service prices are down to $2.75 per month but one will have to subscribe to their service for a minimum of 3 years.

They are very helpful when it comes to kick-starting a blog or website as they have all the required tools to develop a website.

Features of HostGator:

  1. HostGator offers unlimited Bandwidth
  2. HostGator offers you a designated server for one of your websites
  3. HostGator offers limitless disk or storage space
  4. HostGator offers one email account
  5. HostGator offers encryption of your site
  6. HostGator offers a free domain for one year
  7. HostGator offers a money-back guarantee within a 45 days timeframe.
Extra Features;
  • HostGator offers domain renewal at $18 per year
  • HostGator offers premium SSL encryption for $24 per year.
  • HostGator offers daily backup of your data for $24.

HostGator also has a website tool that is quite easy to use for beginners and they also offer a free domain tool that can help kickstart your blog or website as soon as possible.

HostGator also offers good tangible speed on your website.

3. BlueHost Cheap Hosting Service:

BlueHost comes to mind when thinking of one of the best cheap affordable hosting services which offers a good value for money as they offer $2.75 per month on their hosting services.


You have to purchase a minimum of three years plan before you can get to enjoy this offer. They also offer a free domain name service for up to a year.


  1. BlueHost gives five (5) email accounts.
  2. BlueHost has a simply designed dashboard that is super easy to use.
  3. BlueHost gives a designated server to a website
  4. BlueHost does not offer unlimited storage space as it is capped at 50GB but it should be enough for you.
  5. BlueHost offers good website speed for your money.
  6. BlueHost offers unlimited Bandwidth.
  7. BlueHost offers good website security services (SSL).
  8. BlueHost offers free domain names for up to twelve (12) months.
  9. Blue Host offers a 30 days money-back guarantee.
Extra Features;
  • BlueHost .com domain name is renewable at $13 per year.
  • They charge $12 per year for domain privacy
  • They offer good SEO tools for your site at $24 per year.
  • They offer extra SiteLock security service for $36 per year

4. cheap web hosting service: is one of the cheapest domain hosting services which are pretty straightforward and rigid with their pricing list as they offer the same pricing for as long as you want.

That means if you are still going to pay the initial price even if you were to renew your hosting plan after a year or more.

But their pricing is a bit higher than other cheap domain name services on this list as they offer their hosting plan for $5 per month and you are not allowed to purchase a domain name elsewhere as it won’t work on their website.

The sad news is that they don’t offer a free domain service for the first year as you will have to purchase it for $9.99 per year.

There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee which means you can decide to cancel your subscription whenever you wish.


  1. offers one designated server for a website
  2. They offer limitless bandwidth
  3. They offer SSL encryption on websites
  4. They offer limitless storage or disk space
Extra Features;
  • offers the privacy protection of your website for $9 per year
  • You get access to their website builder tool for $24 per year
  • You get access to their siteLock security when you pay $24 per year

Above all servers are known to be very slow and cost compared to other hosting services on this list and you will have to pay additional money to gain access to their website builder tool.

5. DreamHost cheap hosting service:

They are known for offering the best cheap monthly renewal service. You will be surprised to find out that DreamHost offers new customers $2.59 per month.

But here’s the catch!

You are required to subscribe to their hosting plan for 3 straight years in other to enjoy that service.

In addition, DreamHost also offers a free domain service for up to 12 months but you are going to have to renew the domain service after one year for $16 per year.

Features of DreamHost:

  1. DreamHost offers unlimited storage space.
  2. DreamHost allows you host one website on their server.
  3. DreamHost offers unlimited Bandwidth.
  4. DreamHost offers a money-back guarantee before and after 3 months (97 days).
  5. They offer encryption of your site to prevent it from attackers.
  6. Free domain name for your website for up to 12 months.
  7. DreamHost makes the management of your website simple as they enable you to take control of your website by configuring it to your taste, creating user profiles, and setting up a database.

Extra Features;

The following extra features are not included in your hosting service purchase;

  • They offer an email account service for $20 per year
  • They offer renewal of your free domain name for $16 per year
  • DreamHost offers Dreamshield protection for your site for only $36/year.

Furthermore, DreamHost has a slow server deficiency. Compared to their cheap price and amazing value for money, your site will take time to load which might, in turn, keep visitors off your website.

Above all DreamHost still stands as one of the cheapest hosting services worldwide.

6. cheap hosting service: cheap web hosting service is known for been one of the less satisfactory hosting services as they offer the purchase of their hosting plan and domain naming service.

That been said, you cannot purchase a domain name separately elsewhere unless you get it from them.

Let’s assume you purchase a domain name from and you intend to use it on, it won’t work as they don’t allow other domain services on their hosting service.

The good news is that the domain is free for the first year.

Unlike other domain services that will require you to purchase their domain service for nothing less than 3 years, offers you $30 per year for their cheap hosting service and they offer 15 days money-back guarantee, should in case you are not satisfied with their service. also has a helpful website builder tool that guides you on the launching of your new website but their website builder tool does not allow users to create more than five (5) pages.


  1. offers limitless bandwidth.
  2. They offer SSL encryption of your website.
  3. They offer daily backup of your website data.
  4. They give you access to 100 email accounts.
  5. They offer a free domain naming service.
Extra Features;
  • offers they renewal of its domain naming service for $19.99 per year.
  • You need to upgrade to a higher plan in other to enjoy benefits like advanced security, premium tools for WordPress, etc.

Looking at the speed of, it’s considered fair and not fast enough to some people. is a good choice for web hosting service but their cost of procurement tend to increase after two years.

7. iPeak Hosting Service:

This is one of the cheapest hosting services all around the world as they have one of the lowest pricing ($1.99/month).

However, you are allowed to benefit from this incredible offer if you can pay for up to 3 years upfront.

They also offer unlimited emails, free domain names service for the first year, and other amazing features which will be highlighted below.


  1. iPeak gives access for you to host more than 1 website on their server. The number of websites you can link to Ipeak is limitless.
  2. iPeak gives you access to limitless emails.
  3. iPeak offers a free domain name for the first year
  4. iPeak offers unlimited storage space
  5. They offer a website builder tool that makes the launching of your website easy.
  6. iPeak offers an SSL certificate
  7. iPeak offers unlimited Bandwidth.
  8. There is a 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not in any way satisfied with their service.
Extra Features;
  • Ipeak offers domain privacy protection for $10
  • You can get their siteLock security for $24
  • They offer daily backups of your data for $12
  • They offer a domain renewal service for $9.99 per year which is one of the cheapest domain renewal services ever.

It’s important to know that although iPeak offers a very cheap value for money.

But your website speed is not as fast as desired. But above all, they are one of the best cheapest hosting services.

8. InMotion Cheap Hosting Service:

InMotion offers users to enjoy their hosting services for $2.50 per month. But you are expected to purchase their domain service in other to enjoy this offer.

You can decide to sign up for their one or two years hosting plan but the price might be slightly higher compared to when you subscribe to their three (3) years hosting plan.

They are also flexible with their payment methods as you can pay through any means convenient to you.

However, they don’t offer a monthly subscription plan, which means you can’t pay or renew your hosting plan monthly.
Interestingly, they also allow you to transfer your website data for free.

Let’s take for example Mr. Alex had subscribed to hosting service and he wants to switch to InMotion, InMotion will allow him to move his site data and everything for free.

That been said they care about the launch of your website as soon as possible and they offer a 30 days money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with their service.


  1. InMotion offers a designated server for a website
  2. Their storage or disk space is not limitless as it is capped at 10GB
  3. They offer 1 email account
  4. They offer free SSL encryption of your website
  5. Though their disk space is not unlimited, they offer unlimited bandwidth.
Extra Features:
  • InMotion offers a daily backup of your website for $23.99 per year
  • They offer domain privacy of your website for $13 per year.
  • They offer a designated IP address for you alone for $71.99 per year.

InMotion Hosting service has a great dashboard which lots of amazing features but they don’t have ready-made tools to guide beginners on how to do things but as soon as you understand how it works, you will get to enjoy the service.

They also offer a fast loading time for your website.

9. GoDaddy cheap hosting plan:

Over the years GoDaddy has made a name for itself as one of the best domain naming companies worldwide.

However, they also offer hosting services.

Their hosting services prices are not straightforward as users are required to pay $1 per month for the first year but then it gets more expensive if you are subscribing for a three (3) years period where you will have to pay $6 per month for 3 years.


  1. GoDaddy offer a designated server for a website
  2. Their Bandwidth is limitless
  3. You get a free email account for up to twelve (12) months which renews at $7 per year.
  4. You get a free domain name service for up to twelve (12) months.
Extra Features;
  • GoDaddy offers users to renew their domain names for $18 per year
  • They offer daily backup of your website data for $36
  • They offer SSL encryption of your site for $80 per year

GoDaddy has an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to do things easily and they also have a great website builder tool.
In terms of speed, they are relatively fair and GoDaddy remains a top domain naming service to date.

However, we can’t ignore the fact that they don’t offer free SSL encryption of websites on their hosting plan as it will have to be purchased separately.

10. Briip – Overall Best Cheap Web Hosting Service: - cheap web hosting

Briip hosting service is a reliable hosting service that offers dynamic web hosting service solutions for a cheap and affordable price.

Briip has the cheapest hosting plan on this list with a $12 yearly plan which breaks down to an incredible $1 per month hosting plan.

Unlike other hosting services, you don’t have to subscribe or purchase their hosting plan for a three (3) years period or more to enjoy this amazing offer.

Let’s take for example Mr. James seeks to purchase a cheap web hosting plan but he does not have money to pay for a long duration of time, Briip offers the ability to purchase their service for just $12 per year.

Okay, what’s the catch? That’s the incredible thing as there is simply no catch!

Not everyone is open to signing up for a hosting service for the long term which is why brings convenience and affordability of payment to the table as they stand out as the overall cheapest web hosting service, and they also offer cheap and affordable domain name services.

It’s important to note that they do have a monthly renewal plan but at a higher price.

They also offer 99% uptime for all servers which is great for the smooth running of your website.

Briip and its support teams are keen on improving their hosting services day in day out as they strive to be the overall best and cheap hosting service worldwide.

You are entitled to a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not in any way pleased with their service but they offer excellent customer service support for new and existing customers who are always available 24/7 to attend to your needs through live chat or ticker creation.

Features of Cheap Hosting Service:

  1. Briip hosting offers free SSL security for your website.
  2. They offer strong and reliable servers for the smooth running of your website.
  3. They allow you to host one website on their server.
  4. Briip offers 10 email accounts.
  5. They offer unlimited disk storage space.
  6. They offer unlimited Bandwidth.

Exclusive Features:

  1. Briip offers a cheap shared VPS hosting plan starting at $18.
  2. They offer a .com domain name service for $11 per year.
  3. Upgrading your plan opens the door for you to enjoy services like your very own dedicated VPS server, unlimited email accounts, unlimited subdomain, unlimited website, etc all for an affordable price.

In terms of website speed, has a very fast server compared to other hosting services and they offer premium services for the cheapest prices.

They have an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to launch your website easily.
With over 2 million websites hosted on their website stands out as the overall best web hosting service in terms of cheap prices, and diverse offers.

In conclusion, quit spending a fortune on web hosting services and visit or other hosting services listed above to get register on the cheapest web hosting service.

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